Sk1: My Avatar

When creating my avatar, I was inspired by my affinity for being sick, which I infused into my version of the popular comic archetype the superhero, thus merging my identity with the courses content. 

Since I was a kid I’ve always been the kid who missed a lot of school colds and in recent years I’ve faced major setbacks because of whooping cough, pneumonia, and low blood pressure. Because of how these physical challenges have forced me to persevere and grow, I have come to see illness as part of my identity. By making my superhero’s power her illness, I like to think I’m viewing the negatives in my life in a positive light by focusing on how they have shaped me into a stronger person. I tried to capture this vision of empowerment by positioning the tissue box in the girl’s outstretched arm as if it is a trophy. When I inserted my name at the bottom of the girl’s feet, I found I echoed the same feeling of strength as it reminds me of the podium an olympic medalist stands on.

I included the grey clouds in the background to illustrate my ongoing struggle with depression, which isn’t always present in my life, but certainly looms in the back of my head, or here, in the image’s background. 

I found this project very challenging because I have limited experience with photoshop, so it took a long time for me to navigate around the program and learn to execute the desired actions properly. A specific difficulty I encountered was that after spending a few hours making my avatar image, I saved it to discover the resolution was too low, and I didn’t know why it had become so low or how to fix it. When designing my avatar, I was weary of focusing too much on negative qualities that defined me, so I hope my design has a good balance that represents all sides of me.

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