Reflection for Literacy Narrative Part 1

In my Literacy Narrative, I explored how being a slow reader in Kindergarten had a lasting impact on how I viewed myself and prevented me from growing because I was too afraid to admit that I wasn’t a good reader. This sentiment is captured in the sentence: “From a young age I compared myself to those around me and concealed my insufficiencies, rather than working to improve them.” This sentence is especially interesting to readers because it explains how it was not the typical cognitive challenges that prevented me from becoming a more proficient reader, but rather it was my social anxiety about not measuring up.

I enjoyed being tasked with thinking about old childhood memories because not often do I get the chance to reminisce on old significant moments in my life. Since I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting on my reading career particularly in the last year, I was already cognizant of my evolution as a reader; however, through writing out and analyzing these memories I gained greater insight into how my social anxieties about measuring up to others shaped the way I viewed myself as a reader for so many years. The initial process of free writing contributed to my narrative in that it made it more anecdotal, whereas otherwise I would have adhered to a more traditional analytical essay style.

Click here to read the whole narrative:

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