Sk 2: Kings of Neon

When choosing what object to use for my multi media piece I took the time to notice the everyday objects in my life and look for ones with interesting shapes that I could harness for my project. When I was getting ready one morning I noticed the unique silhouette of my hairbrush and its handle’s similarity to the neck of a guitar. I decided I would use the hairbrush for my image but make it less conspicuous by facing the plastic needles downward on the page, thus drawing more attention to the outline it created. Since the hairbrush is bright pink, I decided to stick with a neon color palette to tie the piece together better. Since part of the guitar was blocked by the horizontal plastic bars of the brush, I chose a neon yellow for the hole in my guitar in hopes that it would shine through better. I added some bold lightning jolts in order to help animate the piece and help the viewer envision its radiating sound. For my title, I did a play on the rock band “Kings of Leon”, which fit my piece both for its neon colors and its musical focus.

Find the Sk2 prompt here:

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