Sk3: Visual Note Taking; Latin 370

When choosing the topic for my visual note taking assignment I considered what classes have the most complicated material for me to understand. I chose my Latin 370 class because we are reading Cicero’s Catilinarian Orations and sometimes I struggle to grasp all the arguments he is making and all the rhetorical techniques he is utilizing. By including all the historical, political and social context on one page, I was better able to understand the tactics Cicero was using in his speech to the Roman Senate. Since I have an exam coming up this week on this topic, I found this exercise to be a great way to review and remember the greater context of the speech to help me better analyze and translate the individual portions later. Before today I had never studied for latin in a visual medium and I was surprised by how relieving if felt to get everything down on one page that had been floating around in my head. It felt as though I no longer had to worry about remember every thought I had had because now I had them written down and depicted so I would always have a reference to look to.

You can find the description of this assignment here.

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