Can’t Escape the Paparazzi

For this assignment I wanted to create a fluid panel, so I started by searching my camera role for a series of concurrent photos. Once I found a series of photos that I thought would be humorous, I edited them together, only repeating the segment I wanted the audience to focus in on. When it came to adding text, I knew what I wanted the last frame’s caption to be, so I worked backwards to then fill in the first two. I found it difficult to decide what information should be written out and what could be left for the audience to gather from the actual images because I didn’t want to be redundant. The style of my Triptych is very much reminiscent of a meme, probably because most of the captioned images like this that I’ve seen have been memes so emulating a meme came naturally. I intentionally chose the “impact” font, which is popular in many memes, thus keeping with the theme. This assignment was unique in that it felt more like creating a comic than any of the other assignments because the three panels created a storyline. The short length of the comic was helpful because it demonstrated a simplified version of creating a comic, since we just focused on one short scene.

Click here to read the assignment prompt.

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