Com(packed) Essentials

Items Pictured Listed in Clockwise Order, Starting from the Bottom Corner

  • Fjäll Räven Kånken Backpack: a Swedish hiking brand that reminds me of my routes; I’ve been told by friends it’s proportionally much to small for me, and I don’t disagree, but it works for me
  • Macbook Air: a day-to-day essential
  • 2019 Planner: useful for organization, at least when I actually write stuff in it
  • Latin folder: holds my print outs and translations, which I’d be hopeless without
  • Spiral-bound Latin notebook: where I take my notes in class, when I’m not feeling lazy
  • “O Tempora O Mores” Latin Text with Commentary: I usually keep this with me so I can review passages if I ever have free time because it’s impossible to review too much for Latin
  • TI-84 Calculator: even though I have it with me, I usually just use the calculator on my computer
  • Muji Pencil Case, filled with Muji Pens & Pencils: from my favorite stationary store; writing with my preferred pen or pencil makes such a difference for me
  • NaCl Salt Pills: I take these for my low blood pressure and without them I’d sleep 18 hours a day
  • Burt’s Bees Lip Balm: I always need it when I don’t have any, so I just keep it with me
  • Pill-Shaped Pill Case: holds all my heart pills, which I have to take twice a day; every time I see it I smile because I like it so much
  • Hair Ties: always handy for when I forget to bring one to lab
  • ZipLock of Gauze Pads: needed after my sinus surgery
  • Medical Tape: for taping on the gauze
  • ENT Appointment Card: you’re probably sensing a medicinal theme here, and you’d be correct if you gathered that I was a rather sickly person
  • “K1N9DOM” Water bottle: a graduating gift from the junior class; I always carry it so I can stay hydrated to keep my blood pressure up without having to ever buy a plastic water bottle, the idea of which irks the environmentalist within me

On my first attempt of this assignment I actually laid out the items on a plain background, but when I realized I had forgotten to include my backpack and needed to redo it, I decided to try to be more creative in my artistic presentation by laying everything out on my geometrically patterned rug. I found that the image was most interesting when the grid was kept at a 45 degree angle from the sides of the image, instead of rotating it to make the grid lines parallel to the frame of the photo. When I look at the end result, I am surprised at what an accurate self-portrait it is, since it effectively captures a lot of my individual daily routines. As I discussed in my Avatar post (Sk1), chronic sickness has been a considerable influence in my life, so it seemed appropriate that my medicines and other illness-related items were prominent in the photo. Cataloguing the items in my bag was a writing assignment that I was unfamiliar with, since I typically think of writing assignments as taking paragraph form. Regardless of my past notions, I would consider this a writing assignment because when writing the descriptions of my items, I attempted to make the commentary humorous and utilized literary techniques to do so.

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