“Depend on you?”

For my human document I started by glancing over the page I had chosen and highlighting words that stood out using a colored pencil. I varied the color I used based on what emotions I felt the word elicited. Once I had a narrowed down set of words to work with, I went along boxing in the words I wanted to use in my poem, adding articles and punctuation when needed. As I went along, I used my pen to add illustrations that underlined the meaning of certain key words. I particularly like how I drew a silhouette of a man holding up the words “depend on,” and make his footing be on an unstable pile of bricks. I thought this signified the unreliability of the man in my poem. Last, I used white paint to cover the parts of the page that I didn’t want the audience to pay attention to, especially since some of the words I had originally highlighted but not used in my poem would have caused confusion. I enjoyed this project a lot because it gave me the opportunity to be really creative; however, I also found it very difficult and time consuming to choose the words to use in my poem, since so many were on the page for me to choose from.

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