Are You Really Home Alone?

For this assignment I knew I wanted to do a holiday movie as soon as my roommate brought back a tree for our room so we could “feel the Christmas magic”. In order to decide on what to do, I googled “Christmas tree movies” and once this scene from Home Alone came up, I knew it was what I wanted to recreate. Logistically, the greatest struggle was finding somewhere where I could be on the other side of a “window” because there was no way to be on the other side of our dorm window. Working with my roommate, who is featured as Kevin in the picture, we brought the tree out into a study room where I would be able to peer through the study room door. One of the hardest parts of this process was having the different portions of the movie scene to scale, since our tree is much smaller than the one use in the film. We did our best to keep the wardrobes the same, but I did have to substitute a bucket hat for a beanie. I chose my roommate to be Kevin because of how she embodies child-like joy, especially around Christmas, so although her facial expression isn’t the same as Kevin’s I was happy how it turned out because it captured both her spirit and the general “Christmas magic” in the air that Home Alone portrays.

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