My Heroic Journey Through ENG 181

For the Assemblies assignment, I started by brainstorming potential ideas for what metaphor could represent my growth in English class this semester. I thought about how the point of the class was not only to analyze and write about comics but also to acquire techniques to use in our writing in the future. I reflected on how we began the course with some alphabetic texts which helped us prepare to read comics in a familiar medium. Then we launched into reading and analyzing comics, which was unfamiliar to me. Despite the course’s focus on comics, one of the main takeaways was to learn how to apply the strategies that cartoonists use in our other writing. For me, I learned through converting my Literacy Narrative first from alphabetic text to a comic, and then back to an alphabetic text, that I can better streamline my narrative if I sketch out a storyboard for it since it forces me to focus not on the details, but on the big picture. I plan on applying this technique in the future when I write essays, in order to make my writing as concise and clear as possible.

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