Reflection on Literary Narrative Part 3

Through turning my Literacy Narrative from an alphabetic text, into a comic, and back into an alphabetic text, I learned that much of the detail that I am tempted to include in my writing does not benefit the argument I’m making. When I first wrote my narrative, I added supplementary details and formatted it like a short story, but when I converted it into a comic I was forced to identify what were the most important parts. Furthermore, the process of creating a storyboard rough draft, then peer reviewing, and then making a final comic taught me the importance of viewing writing as a process. I was naturally very hung up on making every version of my narrative perfect, but I had to remind myself that every draft was simply an improvement on the previous and not to worry about achieving perfection. Turning my comic back into an alphabetic text helped me reflect on my strengths as a writer and taught me that I am most effective at writing when I employ visual thinking to sketch out an outline or storyboard for an assignment.

You can find my Literacy Narrative Part 3 here.

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