Reflection on Literary Narrative Part 3

Through turning my Literacy Narrative from an alphabetic text, into a comic, and back into an alphabetic text, I learned that much of the detail that I am tempted to include in my writing does not benefit the argument I’m making. When I first wrote my narrative, I added supplementary details and formatted it likeContinue reading “Reflection on Literary Narrative Part 3”

My Heroic Journey Through ENG 181

For the Assemblies assignment, I started by brainstorming potential ideas for what metaphor could represent my growth in English class this semester. I thought about how the point of the class was not only to analyze and write about comics but also to acquire techniques to use in our writing in the future. I reflectedContinue reading “My Heroic Journey Through ENG 181”

Literacy Narrative Part 2 Reflection

The process of converting my alphabetic text to a comic and then revising my first draft with peer feedback increased my comfort with seeing writing as a process. Until I made my own comic, I never knew the many steps involved in putting together a narrative in comic form. Getting feedback on the first versionContinue reading “Literacy Narrative Part 2 Reflection”

Tracing Pages Reflection

A preview of my essay’s argument: “Comics allow an author to control the visual information drawn by the cartoonist to better convey characters’ motivations and focus, while panel layout and framing captures characters’ strained and startled feelings. By formulating their memoirs as a graphic novel, rather than an alphabetic text, Small and Walden successfully immerseContinue reading “Tracing Pages Reflection”

Com(packed) Essentials

Items Pictured Listed in Clockwise Order, Starting from the Bottom Corner Fjäll Räven Kånken Backpack: a Swedish hiking brand that reminds me of my routes; I’ve been told by friends it’s proportionally much to small for me, and I don’t disagree, but it works for me Macbook Air: a day-to-day essential 2019 Planner: useful forContinue reading “Com(packed) Essentials”

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